Preserving Your eCapsule For
At Least Three Generations.

Options for Preserving Your eCapsule.

You have populated your eCapsule with documents, captioned photos, and a few videos. Now ensure its survivability.

Make sure you title the folder as Name, Birth Date and State. My capsule is Clay John Leslie 11-26-1948 UT. This exact format is important so it can easily be found in an internet search.

I recommend you preserve your capsule in three ways:

First, include your capsule folder in a prominent place on your personal computer or computers. Tell your trusted relatives and friends where to look for it.

Second, consider downloading your capsule onto one or more jump drives or other mobile memory devices and provide these to trusted family members or friends.
However, the best existing option is to store your capsule with a cloud provider like Google Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or similar. I have given my cloud account credentials to my two daughters and asked them not to open the capsule until my 100th birthday.

Unfortunately, no company currently offers to preserve life stories in the manner envisioned by eCapsule. It costs less than twenty five cents a year to store one GB, so such a service is likely profitable. My priority is to find a company willing to maintain a library of eCapsules, accessible to descendants and other interested parties, for at least three generations. However, I need your help!

Finding a Company

The eCapsule initiative has a challenge to achieve its vision of becoming the gold standard for preserving life stories finding a company to store capsules long term, that is, three generations or more.

While trusting relatives or friends to preserve your capsule is a reasonable solution, a much
better one would be a company offering to maintain a library of eCapsule life stories. It
would then be easy to internet search any existing capsule. For example, my life story
would pop up at Clay John Leslie 11-26-1948 UT.

What would be the motivation for a company to offer this service?

Business Case

The capsule makers would pay to have their capsules uploaded and securely maintained for at least three generations (~100 years).


Descendants and other interested persons would be charged a fee to download capsules after their release dates (for me it is my 100th birthday).


The cost to store eCapsules is minimal; a Gigabyte, the recommended maximum capsule size, can be stored for less than 25 cents a year.

Preserve Life Stories

The market space for ancestry research is crowded

However, none offers to preserve life stories in the manner envisioned by eCapsule. Likewise, cloud storage is available through many sources such as Google Drop Box or Microsoft OneDrive.  However, files are only maintained if the customer is paying fees.

Need a Company

We need a company that, for a charge reasonable fee, will…
A business case exists. It costs less than 25 cents to maintain a GB for one year. The cost to add your capsule to the Library of Life Stories should therefore be modest.

We need a company that, for a reasonable fee, will preserve our capsules for at least three generations, and after our authorized release dates make them available to descendants and other interested parties.

If a service to store eCapsules would be of interest to you, send me an email at so I can show potential partners the opportunity!

I would be interested in a service that would preserve

eCapsules for at least three generations.